Electrical design and engineering Electrical design and engineering Electrical design and engineering Electrical design and engineering Electrical design and engineering Electrical design and engineering Electrical design and engineering

Electrical design and engineering

SKARELEK provide high quality and accurate electrical engineering design and electrical engineering drawings services which can be customized to meet individual project requirements. Our design combine the creative use of current technology with practical, proven engineering concepts. The result is simple: a cost-effective solution that meets or exceeds your process requirements. When designing the electrical systems we use the latest computer-aided design programs to produce wiring diagrams, detailed drawings, layouts and schematics. We create elegant, simple designs that produce robust, cost effective systems.

Our company assures the complete process from system specification development through concept and detailed design, electrical system studies, drafting and drawings to process engineering consulting. Part of the design process is continually sourcing and testing new products and systems in order to provide the best solutions that are specific to the project we are working on with our customer.

Our team have experience with these areas of electrical design and engineering:

• Power system studies (Harmonic Analysis, Load Flow Analysis, Power Disturbance Analysis, Power Factor Correction Analysis, Short circuit and coordination, etc.)

• Electrical diagrams, layouts (Electrical lighting and power distributions plans, electrical cable design concepts, electrical panel design sketches, building wiring drawings, circuit wiring diagram, terminations diagrams, control circuits, layout of control panel, layouts for substation, drawings, etc.)

• Electrical Power Distribution

• Determining the total power requirements and power factor correction requirements
• Design and layout drafting of transformers, breakers, starters, etc.
• Power distribution panel design
• Control cable design, cable sizing, cable tray and supporting structure drafting
• Determining of receptacle, electrical and electronics equipments

• Earthing and lightning protection systems

• Earthing system layout
• Earthing pits interconnection diagrams
• Lightning protection system

• Lighting system

• Determining the Lux levels and lighting controls requirements for power savings
• Light fixture layout
• Lighting Load Estimations and determining number of feeders for Lighting Panel
• Lighting Distribution Panel design
• Determining transformer size for lighting distribution systems

• Electrical Devices Design

• Variety of solutions for all LV (to 1000V) power engineering project requirements (protection, metering, control equipment, etc.)

Using our electrical engineering services brings you the following benefits:

  • enables development of electrical components and designs as per client requirements
  • assures timely implementation of electrical construction site plan drawings
  • helps to detect errors in the initial phases of the project and correct them immediately
  • represents aids in cost estimation and material requirement
  • helps in reducing product development costs