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Automation and Control /Instrumentation

Automation and instrumentation technology plays a vital role in enabling higher standards of productivity and quality consistently. Keeping up with new applications and technologies, including robotics is important to ensure the most reliable and cost and energy-efficient systems are deployed. SKARELEK work closely with clients to understand their needs, identify the required control components, automation and instrumentation products and deliver tailored solutions to support them throughout the implementation process.

We help you to automate your end-of-line packaging, case packing and palletizing application, or material handling and machine tending application, or any other industrial application. We work with you to configure an efficient manufacturing or system using the industry leading robotics and the latest in other material handling automation equipment and controls.

Our teams have the expertise to design and manufacture a complete robotic solution for your business in the following applications: material handling, welding and cutting, packing, palletizing, etc.

We install, wire, ground, troubleshoot and calibrate instruments for process control and safety systems. We manage the whole solution process from design specification, through HMI / SCADA / PLC System Design, selection of instrumentation, programming / configuration, panel engineering, assembly and wiring to conducting of site acceptance tests.

Our control solutions are designed, manufactured, and installed using industry-proven processes and quality methodologies.

SKARELEK provide solutions across different areas:

  • Robotics
  • Motion controls
  • Human machine interface
  • Control and safety systems
  • Industrial Ethernet
  • Flow streams analyzers
  • Signal manipulation
  • Control systems

We think outside the square and offer our clients new ideas to improve, automate or control existing and new processes, always with a view to drive operational efficiencies for positive business results.

Our team have extensive experience in the following areas:

  • Control systems: Siemens, Allen&Bradlay, Mitsubishi, Telemecanique, Schneider...
  • Robotics: ABB, Fanuc, Kuka...
  • Visualization of technological processes: ProTool, WinCC Flexible, WinCC, RSView, ControlWeb...
  • Safety systems: Pilz, Sick, Omron...
  • Drives: SEW,Sanyo, ABB, Siemens...
  • Breaking and switching equipment: Siemens, Allen&Bradlay, Telemecanique, ABB, Schneider Electric, Moeller...

Partnering with SKARELEK allows you to:

  • Put energy to maximum use and maximize production
  • Lower deployment cost
  • Reduce downtime and waste
  • Increase efficiency in process control
  • Improve system productivity, reliability, safety and optimization
  • Proceed with successful integration with existing systems